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Anonymous: Happy 4/20 love your blog so much!! 😙💨 

happy 4/20 anon!


Taurus, do not be suspicious of the light in your life.

Gemini, you are whole.

Cancer, believe in the good people.

Leo, let yourself heal.

Virgo, stop hiding who you are behind what you do.

Libra, reawaken.

Scorpio, you are the only boss of you.

Sagittarius, you carry more than you need just to keep your arms full.

Capricorn, answers are coming.

Aquarius, it is your turn to make things happen.

Pisces, radiate hope.

Aries, it was never your fault. MAY HOROSCOPES by Blythe Baird (via blythebrooklyn)
T’was the night before 4/20


When all through the house,
everyone was smoking, even the mouse.
Munchies waited by their loaded bowls with care,
In hopes that 4/20 soon would be there.

All the stoners lay passed out in their beds,
while visions of bong rips danced in their heads.


Some beautiful shatter dabs :)

Meh I wish it were sunny still

Happy 420/bunny day